The Never Ending Learning of a Curious Mind

After a Scientific degree in high school and a programmer degree in the following years, I started foreign language university but left to create my own software company and design, develop and produce games for home computers in the 80s, first, and pursue the career in journalism with various editorial projects in the 80s and 90s. Back in university for a course in Multimedia and Visual Communication Technology, left again to start a new freelance career in the production of e-learning, video tutorial and Web content production and management from the year 2000 onward. My experiences have become my training and my school, and I never stop learning new techniques, skills nand languages to further develop my know-how.


Three Decades of Digital Experiences

Over 25 years in information technology, multimedia, publishing, digital entertainment, software and press localization, hitech, blogging, Web and mobile platforms management has built the skills I can rely on today, among which:

  • training and e-learning
  • game design
  • Web development
  • bloggin, copywriting & SEO
  • content creation+management
  • magazine and book translation
  • presentation+conferencing
  • Web & Press projects
  • … if you want to know more, here’s my¬†complete and updated bio


Don’t Stop Me, I’m Having Fun

My goal is to put my long term experience in digital contents creation, management and communication into informative, educational, entertainment and social project for the Web and mobile devices. Always open to acquire new skills and expertise, test new tools and accept new challenges, I look forward to transform ideas into projects, and projects into products or services.


Still a fraction, but I’m going to add more soon…


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